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Home renovation, particularly bathroom and kitchen renovation, can be enjoyable yet frustrating at the same time. However, when executed properly, it can become one of the most rewarding improvement projects you will ever undertake.

Just like many homeowners, you can make mistakes when renovating your bathroom or kitchen. A simple project can turn into a disaster if you are not careful with your decisions. Luckily, we have compiled the best renovation tips that will lead you to the success of every renovation project.

Whether it is your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, you can improve your home and even increase its value when done properly. Planning, organisation, and finding the right professionals can make renovation into a gratifying process.

There are many reasons why homeowners in Perth choose to renovate. For some people, they wish to change how they use a certain space. Others simply want to transform its style and arrangement. An example is reconfiguring the kitchen’s floor plan where it is converted not an open concept kitchen layout. Renovations can also enhance the bathroom or kitchen in terms of its functionality.

With our handy tips, you can ensure that your renovation will run smoothly and with fewer mistakes. From initial design to planning the removal of certain appliances to their installation, it does not have to be stressful. Use the tips you can find here at Perth Renovations Co, so you can avoid the common and uncommon mistakes that many homeowners make.

  • A beautifully renovated bathroom completed by Perth Renovations Co.
    How to Change a Kitchen or Bathroom Tap

    There are a number of good reasons why you should change your tap. It extends far behind kitchen & bathroom design and aesthetics. Perhaps the tap is no longer working properly, causing leakage. You could be in the middle of the kitchen or bathroom remodel.

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  • A house renovation in the Perth suburb of Attadale
    Renovate or build a new home: Which is Better

    Every year, hundreds of Perth and Western Australians ask themselves just that? Should I risk, designing a dream home from scratch, or should I remodel my house, or purchase a less pristine home and remodel it? The answer, of course, like all home purchasing questions, is that it depends on your needs.

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  • Paining doors before and after shots
    Painting Ceilings and Doors like a pro

    The following tips cover your painting project from the planning stage through to the picture-perfect finish. If there is something that we did not cover, please call Perth Renovation Co. at (08) 6245 1289 to chat with one of our friendly, professional staff members.

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  • A drawing and picture of how a new renovation might look
    Renovating vs. Relocating

    It is not uncommon for a family to outgrow their home, and this often appears as a bit of a surprise to homeowners. One day, everyone and everything fits happily into their own part of the house. Then, without warning, people are tripping over each other, clamoring for bathroom time, and losing essential things in the shuffle of life.

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  • Researching different elements before choosing a company
    Comparing Renovation Quotes

    Now that you are ready to move forward with your plans for one or more home renovations, you’ll want to know how to go from the ideas in your head to what those projects will cost. One thing that is very important is to get several building quotes before committing.

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  • Elegance in design when you are on a tight budget.
    Home Elegance on a Budget

    Your home is your most prized possession and you want it to look as elegant and high-end as possible, even when you are living on a budget. The good news is that you can have the home of your dreams without paying expensive fees to a home decorator or going into debt.

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  • A home renovation disaster
    5 Home Renovation Risks and How to Avoid Them

    Construction delays are often the result of poor planning. From ordering all of the essential resources to securing permits, scheduling tasks, dealing with inspectors, and more, a builder must manage a multitude of responsibilities in order to get the job done right and on time.

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  • Home renovation virtual
    The 10 Most Useful Renovation Apps

    Are you thinking about upgrading the look of your home? Maybe it’s a full blown renovation, expansion, or a smaller internal remodeling project. The attention to details from how to start, what is involved, who will do the work, how long will it take, up to how much it will cost can take hours of research.

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  • Very attractive bathroom renovation
    How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take?

    From a weekend to six months, you’ve likely heard several opinions on how long it takes to complete a bathroom renovation. The good news is we here at Perth Renovation Co we have found the average construction period of our bathroom renovations to come in at the low end of the scale, at just about a week to be exact.

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