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Spending years in a business that is family-owned and service-oriented has shown our clients we treat them with respect creating rapport.

Exceeding your expectations is our primary goal. Presentation is everything to us including how we show up in the online world helping us attract what we want to work within our operation.

This business to achieve its current market position with a loyal/happy customer base has been dedicated to building the right groundwork, infrastructure and relationships with our team and suppliers.


Everything from sourcing the right materials to our finalised work articulating the right message from functional and design patience requires far more attention to detail to meet our standards.

We strongly believe that without a high standard to hold our selves to there is no passion or point in what we do.


You have probably heard this allot from building & renovation industries respectively:

“It’s hard to find good tradies”

And rightly so. It really is. As a general rule: We have never scaled the business without having absolute faith in the team we put forward to do the job. The process of finding the people to fit our mould is a time consuming and lengthy process for both parties. But the pay off is huge.

Not only is our team skilled; they are also placid in the sense that they are opening to new ideas/way and committed to becoming better tradesmen.

Finished bathroom renovation


All the qualifications our talented team possess are meaningless without good solid customer service. And solid communication amount team members and clients is at the forefront of that.


We are fully insured and licensed and all of our workers have certification in their respective fields including police checks.

Client results matter

What Our Customers Say

  • 5 star review  Very satisfied customer! Stewart and the team at Perth Renovations Co did a super job with our kids bathroom. It was an old 1960's bathroom and the room was completely... read more

    thumb Selena Collier
    August 9, 2020
  • 5 star review  Stewart and his team did an awesome job turning an old bedroom into a top quality bathroom. We couldn't be more happier with the outcome. I highly recommend Stewart and... read more

    thumb MIKE LANE
    August 6, 2020
About Us


Our quoting process is both thorough and accurate. We always, of course, make an effort at every touchpoint to achieve the best price for our clients though liaising with suppliers and our clear and mapped out processes.

But. we will not cut corners to save costs if the end result questions the standards we set with clients for an outcome of a process. Because of this our definition of “best price” will not always be the “cheapest price” you receive.

We also stand behind the time frame we give you for work completion. We also promise that our installation team will cause the least disruption possible to your routine.


At Perth Renovations we believe that the journey to greatness starts when you build strong collaborative bonds with contractors around the area. With that in mind, we have a very close relationship with our suppliers and regularly use their products, services and tools to ensure that our customers’ projects are done in a timely manner.

One of our plumbing suppliers, Reese Plumbing, has brilliant customer service, a technical staff that gives insight to all queries and the ability to deliver exceeding expectations.

All of their parts come with a 12-month part and labour warranty that will leave you feeling assured should a moment of error arise in the future. Our belief, along with Reese’s, is that each renovation is a reflection of the company itself and is never rushed, hurried or performed with sloppiness to save time.

Dining room renovation

We also consult with a world-class manufacturer for all of the drawer hardware that we use in our renovations. If you’re anything like us, nothing quite takes your breath away like walking into space with beautifully designed cabinetry that is elegant and durable. It’s for that reason that we would never consult with another manufacturer.

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