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Establishing Our Process

When we first crafted the idea of bringing Perth Renovations to life, our first goal was to ensure that each client was catered to uniquely. In short, our priority when taking on a project is a thorough consultation with the client to ensure that their vision is heard and understood entirely. In the past, we’ve noticed that many renovators have a single-minded approach that rarely reflects the client’s needs and wants.

But more importantly, we understand that a level of friendship and trust is built before engaging in price or agreeing to the project.
“Our motto is that people do business and continue to form life-long relationships with people they not only know but have a deep respect for”.-Stewart Rawson, Company Director 

When we establish that Perth Renovations Co is the proper fit for both the client and ourselves, we begin the transformation journey.

  • Materials and Budget   Once all ends are covered, we begin to converse with the client about their budget and the materials that can be used to maximise durability and elegance.
  • Design – For smaller projects that are relatively easy to complete, we use our in-house designers and planning to accommodate the space in a short period. We use our design department to create intuitive rough drafts that can be emailed to the client for further inspection. Once the client receives our ideas, we can begin incorporating their input and feedback into the equation.
  • Communication and Flexibility – are how we maintain our clients and keep them satisfied throughout the process. We maintain regular communication and are open to constructive feedback that our clients give us during the project. We also understand that each client is unique and requires specific demands that need to be met. Following this, clients can expect to be kept in the loop during all critical moments during the renovation process with full disclosure and award-winning customer service.
Perth Renovations Co completed Cottesloe bathroom renovation
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