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Our Mission

A Commitment to Consumers

First and foremost, we would like to thank you and show our appreciation for engaging with our business.  People like you are responsible for making Perth great! Perth Renovations was born out of the desire to help people make their dreams a reality. Many people purchase homes but fail to turn that piece of property into something that reflects their personality and beliefs.

Perth Renovations wants to make each client feel as though their living area is an extension of themselves and their imagination.

We believe that every client deserves to have the luxurious home of their dreams. Our award-winning techniques and strategies will blow your mind without breaking the bank. Combine this with the family-owned atmosphere, and you have a business that will shake up the industry in the years to come.

Our future is set on becoming a building company that shakes up the Perth landscape, our current target is to make small to medium sized projects manifest into reality!

The Best or Nothing

Should you decide to use our renovation services, we can make a single promise to you: We will give our best effort, or we won’t take on the project.

Simply put, we’re in the people business, not the business of making a quick dollar. It’s for this reason why our family-owned, customer-first renovation business has flourished over the years. We have a deep belief that each customer is helping us achieve our next goal, and we can help them achieve theirs as well!

Perth Renovations Co Thrives in Three Different Areas

  1. Quality

    The company offers competitive pricing in its service. They are not the cheapest, and they do not try or make claims about it. However, they are upfront about the costs, which may vary from mid-range to high depending on what the client wants. At the end of the day, the price does not matter; it is the result and quality of work.

  2. Transparency

    They are sincere and transparent with regards to costings. Lighter costs do not change, but PC items may add to the expenses. For example, the job requires a bathroom renovation. The client may opt for an expensive assortment of baths or toilets, which can range from $1000 to $10k.

  3. Relationships

    As a business, Perth Renovations Co has a bond in and out of the company. The following are established:

  • Clients: Stewart wants to form a strong relationship with the clients of the company, and the goal is to make it last. When he walks down the street, and they recognise each other, he wants them to sit and have coffee.
  • Industry Partners: As a part of CPMS, strong connections were built with numerous companies all over Perth, including door, timber, and tile suppliers. These include Tiles Expo, Myaree Ceramics, and other trusted names, as well as Reece Plumbing as one of the biggest suppliers.
  • Staff: The company views the staff as an integral part of the business. Therefore, Stewart aims to be very open and personal with the team. He knows everyone, including their families and even their hobbies. The firm believes that connection is essential, which is why it is essential to make everyone feel they are a part of a family. At the same time, Stewart’s goal is to help them feel empowered and that they have a voice in the company.The company intends to always to be professional in their approach while remaining humble. Stew and the staff want to be as helpful as possible. It is a balance between giving the clients the freedom to reach their renovation goals and offering them professional opinions.
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