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Q: How fast will my renovation take?

It’s important to understand that each client’s situation is unique and has its own set of obstacles. However, many of our smaller projects (bathrooms, etc.) complete in as little as a week. With that said, even our larger renovations  average time taking two months! On multifaceted projects like kitchen areas, the time varies to a great extent and the estimated timeline can be discussed during a consultation.

Q: I already have my own painter, is that ok?

The simple answer is yes! We have routinely worked with outside help in certain parts of the renovation process with great success. We welcome any outside perspective that you may have in mind, and we can utilise their services and ideas in the planning portion.

Q: I’m on a budget, is this going to cost a lot?

As you’re well aware, each situation has specific aspects that need to be addressed during a consultation. However, Perth Renovations prides itself on offering a variety of affordable material options and alternatives that clients can use to save money. Although we don’t believe in creating sub-par renovations, our contractors work with us to provide special offers.

Q: How can I tell people about you?

First and foremost, thank you so much for your kind words, and we sincerely appreciate people spreading awareness about our business. We believe that our services, even if they don’t create a large monetary return in some instances, will let people know that we genuinely care. We love to see the shock and awe on people’s faces whenever they have their renovation completed. If you would like to spread the word please encourage people to contact via phone or website form though the website.

Q: Is Perth Renovations my solution?

For potential clients that want to renovate their home, we highly encourage you to consider us for your project. Our company ethos is built on trust, quality, due diligence and the ability to infuse our client’s ideas with our expertise into a unique blend. If you’re ready to begin the journey towards a home you’re proud to call your own, reach out to us today — we can’t wait!

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