Perth Renovations Co always makes sure that we get back to our customers and potential customers right away. Often, however, our busy schedules do not permit us to respond as quickly as we want. Nevertheless, we usually answer any queries we receive within 24 hours.

Yes! We provide free quotes. Simply send an enquiry, along with your floor plan design if available. We will get back with you within 24 hours. If you are in a hurry or would like a more accurate quote, you can schedule an appointment, and we will give you the estimate after looking at your home.

Please remember that a quote is simply an estimate of the price you will pay. It can vary depending on many factors, including the inclusions and exclusions for the project. We are confident that our pricing is competitive. We are known for providing a service that’s truly quality. We encourage you to assess our reputation, the quality of the materials and products we use, and the level of service we do.

If you are unhappy with pricing discrepancies, we are always happy to discuss the matter with you. But bear in mind that a price match will depend on several variables.

Also, remember we will not cut costs if it means sacrificing quality materials or workmanship.

Our products, materials, and workmanship are of excellent quality. It is why we back them up a warranty. We will provide you with a full written guarantee on our bathroom and kitchen renovations so that you have a guide on what is and what’s not covered, as well as the duration.


  • All of our supplies and material providers offer extended warranties on their high-quality products.
  • Perth Renovations Co offer a minimum of two years on any workmanship.
  • We have a minimum of 6-year structural integrity warranty in line with master builders WA.

It’s important to understand that each client’s situation is unique and has its own set of obstacles. However, many of our smaller projects (bathrooms, etc.) complete in as little as a week. With that said, even our larger renovations average time taking two months! On multifaceted projects like kitchen areas, the time varies to a great extent and the estimated timeline can be discussed during a consultation.

The simple answer is yes! We have routinely worked with outside help in certain parts of the renovation process with great success. We welcome any outside perspective that you may have in mind, and we can utilise their services and ideas in the planning portion.

As you’re well aware, each situation has specific aspects that need to be addressed during a consultation. However, Perth Renovations prides itself on offering a variety of affordable material options and alternatives that clients can use to save money. Although we don’t believe in creating sub-par renovations, our contractors work with us to provide special offers.

First and foremost, thank you so much for your kind words, and we sincerely appreciate people spreading awareness about our business. We believe that our services, even if they don’t create a large monetary return in some instances, will let people know that we genuinely care. We love to see the shock and awe on people’s faces whenever they have their renovation completed. If you would like to spread the word please encourage people to contact via phone or website form though the website.

For potential clients that want to renovate their home, we highly encourage you to consider us for your project. Our company ethos is built on trust, quality, due diligence and the ability to infuse our client’s ideas with our expertise into a unique blend. If you’re ready to begin the journey towards a home you’re proud to call your own, reach out to us today — we can’t wait!


Before we start the renovation project, it helps to get a good idea on the style and look that you want. You can check out magazines or Google inspirations. Even watching home remodelling shows will give you many options.

After contacting us for a consultation and quote, you will get instructions on what you should do. But in most cases, you will not be required to do anything drastic. Just clear out the area and make sure that cupboards are empty any personal belongings that can be moved will be out of the way.

We do cover the whole space where we will work on including floor coverings and drop sheets, but you can help make everything faster and easier by prepping the area first.

We will always leave the area cleaners than when we found it.

Every project is unique, but the workflow typically takes place like this:

  • You select Perth Renovations Co as your renovator.
  • You will get a proposal, and then we finalise other details, including the scope of the project and requirements or terms in the agreement.
  • Everything is set, from the design to the materials required.
  • Order the materials and products we will use.
  • Get the building approval if needed.
  • Deliver the materials to your place.
  • Demolish or remove anything unnecessary.
  • Take care of the plumbing and electric installations, as well as other structures, such as flooring and painting.
  • We apply the finishing touches.

The final step is to clean the work area. Of course, the steps mentioned above can vary depending on the project itself. Regardless, we always end our work with a smile on our faces and with the confidence that you love the finished result.

We welcome any plans from our customers. However, you don’t have to prepare one before meeting with us. It does help if you already have a plan, but we have designers who will work with you. They can assist you in generating ideas, especially if you do not have a solid plan yet.

A kitchen renovation is an essential investment on its own. However, if you would like to focus on just a few factors, we recommend cabinetry. From a functional point of view, the kitchen cabinetry is the most expensive item. Its volume alone speaks for itself. But you may also want to spend more on benchtops and flooring. It all depends on the materials and styling that you are going for.

The average return on investment will be based on how major or minor the renovation project is. However, it is common for us to start at a 55% ROI. You can tell that you can make a substantial profit when you put some effort into renovating your kitchen.

Clearly, refacing is much less expensive compared to cabinet replacements. However, this option is not recommended. If you wish to replace your drawer fronts and doors, you will also have to change the front face of the cabinet. This way, the doors and other visible portions of the cabinets will match one another.

When you choose to reface the frame, certain issues can occur. For instance, the laminate could shift or peel off. As a result, the not-so-attractive seam will show.

One more problem with refacing is that it is not cost-effective. The biggest expense is on the cabinet’s door. You are already paying for a considerable part of the cabinet’s transformation. You only need to add a little bit more to upgrade and get new cabinets.

All professionals are a crucial part of your kitchen renovation. It is why here at Perth Renovations Co, we work with allied professionals as much as possible. With the help of an architect, we can define the space (your kitchen), especially if an extension is required or involved in the project.

Meanwhile, an interior designer will help the team select styles, colours, and designs that will benefit the renovation. We carefully select the interior designers we work with because we know how significant the final appearance of the project is for every homeowner.

Interior designers have a massive part in the process, but they do not usually do the actual drafting or creating layouts. As the kitchen and bath specialist, Perth Renovations Co will do all the specific planning and detailing for you.


The duration of each project differs based on its size, scope, and requirements. Some spaces are more complex than others, which will obviously take longer than a simpler bathroom. Typically, though, the job can take anywhere from 3 – 4 weeks. It can also be shorter or longer. When we give you the schedule of the project, we ensure that we commit to it, both from the beginning to the finish dates.

Time periods vary depending on whether you decide to use standard premade or custom fixtures (which we recommend).

Unfortunately, we will ask you not to use the bathroom anymore. Once we start the process, almost every part of the area will be stripped. Demolition will take place, which means the bathroom is basically useless – for now. However, there will be stages during the renovation when you can access the facilities you need.

By request, we can also organise to have a temporary toilet and even bathroom on site.

You can choose any paint you want, but it is highly recommended to go for a low-sheen variety. You may know it as satin or eggshell. This type is excellent for bathroom ceilings. Meanwhile, if you would like to paint the walls, the best option is to go with semi-gloss paint. This type is washable and can resist moisture. Plus, you do not have to worry much about mould and mildew.

The first step usually involves creating a design for your new bathroom. Once everything is in place, the following will be taken care of:

  • Sub-flooring
  • Benchtops
  • Material selection
  • Installation of floor tiles
  • Cabinet installation
  • Electric wiring and light fixtures installation
  • Accessories installation
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Wall tile installation

Finally, we end it all with touching up and cleaning the bathroom.

Many homeowners do not think about how accidents can happen when they do not know what they are doing with the bathroom renovation. It is why DIY work is not a good idea unless you have the experience required.

One important thing that you should know is about the rules and regulations in the country regarding switches and outlets. You cannot just place them anywhere you want, especially without considering water outlets. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a licenced electrician. Such a professional knows the AS/NZS 3000:2007 guidelines, which is known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules; Also the plumbing and drainage rules and guidelines as well as building rules and guidelines.

In some cases, you do not need a permit for the renovation to commence. It is often true with a simple remodelling task, such as installing new tiles and walls or appliances. However, if the job is complex and large, you may have to get a permit first. In Australia, most changes involving plumbing, electric, and drainage, will require consent. We will take care of this step for you.

The pricing will depend on many factors, including the size of the project and the materials to be used. You will need to have one of our representatives over at your house to assess the work that should be done. To help you prepare your budget, here is a rough estimate of how much it can cost you:

  • $17,000+ as a starting price for a stylish makeover of your bathroom
  • $25,00+ for a makeover that includes a change in the layout and design of the existing bathroom
  • $30,000+ for more options and more incredible results and the real WOW factor

The amounts mentioned incorporate the fittings and fixtures included, as well as warranties, insurance, and permits that may be required. As mentioned we do not aim to be the cheapest Bathroom renovator Perth and we are known for our quality and superior results in our work and materials.

Perth Renovations Co takes pride in our no-hidden costs guarantee. You will not be surprised at the sudden change in the agreed price. The only exception is if there are required variations and additional work, which you have requested. Nevertheless, even with these situations, you will still receive a clear and complete quote before we commence with the changes.

Absolutely! We refurbish kitchens and laundry rooms, as well. If you have two bathrooms, we can renovate both for you. It helps reduce the time, cost, and hassle of renovating the bathrooms separately.


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