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Fremantle Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation

Both the kitchen and bathroom renovations for this project in Fremantle served to enhance the design and performance of small spaces. Unique elements help add life and individuality to this homeowner’s spaces.

The Complete Overhaul

A small, closed-off toilet area received a complete overhaul. From top to bottom, this small area was formed into a pleasant, private room fit for all kinds of company. Refinished tile floors and moulding give it a fresh, welcoming feeling. And newly painted walls showcase simple, yet elegant fixtures.

Coming into this space, your attention focuses on the bright, orange accent wall located directly behind the toilet. A small, frosted window appears off to the one side of the upper wall and it too features the brilliant colour on its inner moulding. This lovely accent wall is also intended to make a small space feel more open and bigger. Plus, it adds subtle individuality to an area more often considered last during the interior design.

The kitchen meanwhile features a stunning blend of dark and light colour combinations. Dark granite countertops extend across the one side. These dark, speckled countertops mesh excellently with nutty-brown cabinets with a sleek finish and straight-edged grain lines.

Simple, pure white offers the most blatant contrast to the brown tones of the counters and cabinets. Glossy white paint freshens up the little bit of wall behind the sink and above the cabinets. The square, drop-down sink, outfitted with the latest high-head faucet, is a contemporary masterpiece.

Ultimately, the shining feature of this kitchen and bathroom renovation is the matching tile used in both spaces.

The black-and-white of the larger tile pieces mimic the dark and light combinations already present in the kitchen. The multiple shades of blue diamonds, however, provide that pop of colour which makes both spaces a warm, homey environment.

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