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Sexton St, Inglewood Bathroom and Additional Bedroom

Nick and Beth were returning clients who had a shed/man cave out back to the side of the house. Over the moon with previous renovation work we had done for them, they contacted us in April 2019 to renovate the space.

They have two young kids and wanted an extra bedroom and bathroom off of the house so relatives who come to visit would have a comfortable, private place to stay. They also knew it would add value to their property.

According to Cathy Morrissey, aka The Reno Chick, adding a bedroom alone to a home can increase its value by $50-$80,000.

For Nick and Beth, the project increased the value of their home by $70-$80,000 which is right in line with those figures.

So, not only did they get the extra-functional space they wanted, but they also increased their bottom line as well.

The Renovation Process

Nick made it easy from the get-go by doing all of the planning himself and submitting it to the Council for approval. We simply came in and gave him a price estimate for the job to suit what he wanted.

We framed the entire space and timbered the walls to give it a cabin-like feel. We also insulated all the walls, rocked them, put a cavity sliding door in for the bathroom, laid vinyl timber plank down on the floors for the bedroom, added new fixtures, and basically re-did the entire space.

Some of the Materials We Used

  • 600 x 600 grey cement floor tiles
  • 300 x 600 matte white tiles for the walls
  • Phoenix SlimLine tapware with all matte black accessories
  • Matte black framing for the shower screen for a simple, minimalist look

The End Result

As before, Nick and Beth were ecstatic with the finished result. Having worked with us in the past, they knew it would turn out great.

Like every other project, it turned out beautiful because of our experience, knowledge, skill, and the quality of the tradesmen we used.

While other renovation companies like to add a dollar of profit everywhere they can, we understand the importance of paying more for skilled, quality labour as well as tapware, and it shows in our work.

We understand the importance of having a good team, and we’ve worked hard to build an incredible team of tradesmen who produce nothing but the best work and on-time results.

Were There Any Obstacles to Overcome?

Honestly, no. Due to our detailed planning and excellent communication with the clients, we had everything in place and experienced zero issues from start to finish.

In our experience, as long as your planning and prep work is done properly, you shouldn’t have any issues down the road.

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