For the Coode Street, Bayswater project, Perth Renovations Co was tasked to improve the home’s kitchen, bathroom, and living area. The client talks about how the initial plan was, how the process went, and the final verdict.

The team was met with a few challenges for this project, including removing a couple of walls to allow it to be more spacious. As a result, some areas had to be adjusted, including the kitchen, which was then moved to another area of the house.

It was later discovered that the roof of the house was not as strong as thought to be. With Stewart’s knowledge and experience, it was easy to rectify any issue that was encountered. Additionally, Stew was hands-on with the entirety of the project, especially in ensuring its adaptability with the modifications.

The skylights were one of the highlights of the project since the house lacked natural light before. The kitchen and bathroom now have a refreshing look that matched exactly what the client has always wanted.


This kitchen is an indoor area but features outside access that invites the beauty and warmth of nature inside.
The cabinets are a simple white with inset panels that add a touch of character. And several long, wide doors provide more simple storage options for our client. The soft-brushed design of this hardware fits with the bright energy of this space.

We challenged ourselves to emphasize the natural, refreshing light in this space as much as possible. The ultimate source of this natural light is the large window behind the sink, which is visible immediately upon entering the kitchen. This light dances across the surface of the grey backsplash detail we installed above the sink and stovetop.

Bayswater oven draws cabinet


The second part of our Bayswater renovation was the marble-accented bathroom. We lined the shower completely with long marble tiles that give the bathroom an elegant shine. The other side of this shower features smooth tiles of pure alabaster white. Our goal was to match the simple and refreshing look we gave the kitchen area.

We chose a cabinet in the bathroom to match the white cabinets of the kitchen. It has a familiar inset panel design and smooth surfaces. This cabinet, however, features multiple slats that mimic the white background below the large, modern medicine cabinet. We selected a full-mirror medicine cabinet with two seamless doors to complement the modern faucets of the shower and sink. And below the sleek mirror sits our specially-selected sink with a shallow basin bowl design that sits flatly on the cabinet.

Perhaps our favourite element of this bathroom renovation is the addition of the skylight. We chose this split-window skylight to highlight the smooth surfaces and clean edges we gave this bathroom.
The skylight also provides the same bright, natural light we sought to bring to the kitchen.


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  • As an industry partner to Stew and the team; they are always such a pleasure to deal with. When dropping off onsite storage we certainly enjoy popping out heads in... read more

    Space Box Avatar Space Box
    April 18, 2022
  • As an industry partner to Stew and the team; they are always such a pleasure to deal with. When dropping off onsite storage we certainly enjoy popping out heads in... read more

    Spacebox Storage Avatar Spacebox Storage
    April 18, 2022


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