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South Perth Kitchen Renovation

An update to a kitchen bleeds out into the dining room through an open, friendly doorway. A brilliant, unblemished white is the hero of this renovation, with its modern light fixtures and high-backed chairs.

The fresh, white benchtops are not marble or granite, but a clear white, which serves to blend well with the white walls. And the clean, white cabinets draw attention to themselves by the light that catches off of identical, swooping handles.

Alcoves into the wall in the middle of the space provide storage and room for a state-of-the-art double oven and an espresso machine. Metallic backsplashes stretch across most of the kitchen, including the stove range and sink. This detail matches well with the other metal fixtures in this kitchen.

Added Design Feature

And the greatest design feature of this combined renovation is the cutout in the wall. This adds depth to both the kitchen and the dining room because both spaces now allow for more immediate and constant interaction and conversation. The dining space itself is dominated by robust wooden furniture pieces that provide a stunning contrast to the white kitchen.

This design chooses to forgo curtains or blinds in favour of open, bright spaces. The bright sunlight can easily catch off the surface of gleaming cabinets and the fiery redwood flooring.

The bold addition of this flooring widens the small area of this kitchen and brightens the dining room easily by its proximity.

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