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Birdwood Circus Bicton

We began renovations on the bath and laundry area of this wonderful home built in the early 1900s in November. Initially, the plan was to strip and redesign the bath and laundry to bring an updated feeling to the home. At the same time, the clients did not want to compromise the extensive character of the house.

What Was the Design Plan?

The decision was to use black and white to maintain the look while still adding freshness and a brighter feeling to the home.

  • The Bathroom- We would use updated fixtures and install a modernised sink, tub, shower, and toilet in the bathroom. We would also add some mosaics to add to the interest of the area. Our team made the walls white and very light ecru. The palette created the perfect updated look the clients desired. Mirrors helped to give the space an open and expansive feeling, and we included helpful details like aptly placed built-in shelves and custom-built cabinets for storage.
  • The Laundry Room- Our clients opted for the same black and white tile flooring in the laundry area as we used in the bathroom. Because the laundry area was narrow, we maintained the light colours for the walls and added a door to the outside to allow plenty of natural light. We used a deep modern sink as well as custom cabinets to round out the look.

Were There Any Surprises During This Renovation?

Yes, our team discovered that the section we were renovating was an addition to the original structure from the 1900s. As we started pulling up the old tiles, our workers found the tiles sat directly on an old outdoor path. The area was red concrete and also had old brick hidden underneath the tile. We needed to place the appropriate base for the floor right away. Additionally, one of the walls required straightening before we could commence with renovations.

Do You Often Find Unexpected Things Like the Addition to This House?

We never know what we will discover when we start peeling back older materials during a renovation. Occasionally, the problems come from the fact that building materials and building codes and regulations change over time.

We also find that former homeowners opted to be do-it-yourself contractors. These are, by far the most interesting surprises we see. There are times when we do find work that is so old or so poorly put together that it could be dangerous. Fixing and updating work to make the homeowners safe is extremely rewarding.

The unexpected is part of the job. Sometimes the problems are more extensive than others, but we are always ready for whatever a project throws our way.

What Types of Work Did You Do to Complete This Project?

  • Demolition
  • Flooring
  • Carpentry
  • Wrapping
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Screening
  • Waterproofing
  • Tiling

Did the Renovation Come in on Time and at the Budget?

Because of the unusual circumstances with the addition to the house, Perth Renovations needed a bit longer than we initially expected in order to have a good starting point for the project.

Since we needed additional working hours and materials to correct the past mistakes, we went a little over budget on the renovation.

How Did the Client React?

The homeowners were exceptionally pleased with our work as well as the results.

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