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South Fremantle Kitchen Renovation

Coming into this project, we were excited as the client had chosen to use an outside stylist to tackle the kitchen space. We believe that this individual did a perfect job in creating a workable and beautifully-designed kitchen area, and it gave us the unique opportunity to collaborate with others.

Our first challenge came when we decided to swap out the ceiling and provide the client with something more innovative. Many renovation teams neglect the ceiling, but we believe that every part of a home needs attention.

From here, we began to tackle the cabinetry and used black paint to coat the exterior of the surfaces. The client also infused the island bench with a gorgeous Tasmanian Oak that beautifully accented the surrounding designs and gave a pop of color for visitors. Continuing forward, the client chose to use a luxurious concrete tile for the floors which provided extra durability without sacrificing the style of the space.

Stainless Steel Benchtops

Following this, we worked with the client to use stainless-steel-styled benchtops that created an industrial look that worked in conjunction with the floors, bench tops and black paint. One of our proudest moments during this project came when we removed the windows in the kitchen location and installed hardwood double doors that looked outside.

This gave a natural light source for the kitchen but also allowed visitors and the homeowners easy access to their patio. These doors were able to slide open with ease and give the clients a chance to go outside on sunny days to enjoy the beautiful Perth landscape!

Once the main kitchen area was completed, our only remaining task was to go back through the area and replace the fixtures. We are deeply pleased with the amount of detail and complexity that went into this project and how the final result looked. Also, the outsourced designer livened the kitchen space up with the beautiful painting design that they used on the walls lining the room.

This collaboration breathed life into a once dull space and we couldn’t be happier with the work we were able to perform. 

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