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Crossland Court Peppermint Grove

Thea and Paul got in touch with us mid last year in 2018 to renovate an old townhouse they had acquired from Paul’s family.

It was a 1990s townhouse Paul’s parents had built back in the 90s. Since then, it had been passed down to Paul, but it needed some serious updating.

The exterior they pretty much left as is, but Paul and Thea wanted to re-do the inside of the house to bring it into the 21st century so they could sell it.

They first contacted us online. After making an inquiry through our website, we contacted them by phone to get a few details and organize a meeting.

After the initial meeting, we had several follow up meetings to go over the fine details and sign the contract before starting the job.

We started the job in August 2018 and finished a few months later in November.

Why Paul and Thea Chose Perth Renovations Co

They chose Perth Renovations Co for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to our presence both on and offline.

Online and in-person, we strive for complete honesty and transparency.

We also believe in listening to our clients, keeping them well-informed, and making them comfortable throughout the process.

Like our other clients, Paul and Thea recognized this and ultimately chose us for their home’s remodel.

The Project’s Challenges

We didn’t have any issues. Since we made sure everything was correctly prepared from the start, any potential problems we could have had on the job were pretty much eliminated.

What We Did

  • Kitchen Benchtops

    For the kitchen, we installed Cosentino Silestone benchtops in a Desert Silver colour. There was a waterfall edge, Santini Fusion 1 ¼ under-mount sink, and chrome Phoenix Vivid tap as well.

  • Cabinetry

    As far as cabinets go, we installed Polytech laminate cupboards and drawers in a classic white matte silk finish.

    We also used Polytech for the overheads and lift-up doors, which were done in a stunning Prime Oak timber finish. We did this same great looking finish below the benchtops as well.

  • Floors

    The floors were done in 600 x 600 mm grey floor tiling. We used this same flooring through the entire house.

    The bathrooms, however, were done with 300 x 600 mm tiles. Meanwhile, the splashback was done with a 300 x 600 mm white matte wall tile.

The Project Timeline

This project, like many when you’re as well-prepared as us, went pretty much according to plan and schedule. There were minimal problems to overcome and no setbacks.

The End Result

Like many of our projects, the result of Paul and Thea’s interior renovation was outstanding.

They were both over the moon, especially when they saw the new valuation. When they had the house re-valuated post-renovation, they were awed by the figure.

Thanks to expert craftsmanship and smart design choices, we were able to increase the value of their property by $150,000.

Best of all, since they had potential buyer’s stopping by throughout the renovation to see the progress and the top-notch work we were doing, they were able to have buyers lined up.

All in all, the project was a huge success!

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