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Charles Street, Cottesloe

Cottesloe Bathroom and Laundry Renovation

This was a challenging but deeply rewarding job that we’re proud to call our own. We first came in contact with our client Trish about a space that needed some attention. Fortunately for us, we infused our ideas together to complete the project in record time with captivating designs that extended throughout multiple rooms in the home.

We first started by showing Trish the design materials that we could use in this particular space. After she had chosen the tiles and other products she desired, we crafted a working schedule around the job to give the client an idea of how long it would take to complete.

Team Collaboration

This involved significant collaboration from our demolition team which assisted us in stripping the area of the existing materials. We also ensured that all of the utilities (water, electricity, etc.) were disconnected before starting on the project so no damage or error was created.

From here, we contacted the tilers to remove the existing floor and being the process of waterproofing the area for leaks and seepage that may occur from outside sources. Five days later, we had the initial installation of the materials that Trish wanted for the area, and we were pleased with how quickly the project began to unfold. As stated earlier, client expectations and speed are our top priority!

Once we successfully created the foundation, we moved onto the cabinetry and stonework. Trish had chosen some beautiful materials for the cabinets and gorgeous stone to accent the area perfectly. We were impressed with the elegance of the area once the project started to take shape.

From here, we contacted a painter to come in and lie down the finishing touches on the rooms. After the paint had dried and the work was done, our final step was to come in and remove any materials that were left over.

All in all, we believe that our work speaks for itself. Trish was ecstatic about our level of communication and how we involved her in the process through every stage. Her needs and expectations were surpassed and she ended up referring us to other clientele for future contracts. We gave the space a much-needed cosmetic makeover and turned the project into a modern design that was in line with Trish’s ideals.

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