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Applecross Bathroom Renovation

When we came into contact with this particular client, we learned that the space we would be working with was a bedroom that would be transformed into a bathroom. We began the project by removing the existing flooring and replacing it with a concrete sheet that would provide an industrial look for the room.

From here, we built a new wall that would serve as the backdrop for the shower space in the room. The client insisted that they needed a large, spacious bathing area with overhead spouts and we were able to provide this for them. Once this was in place, the vanity installation was our next obstacle to tackle. Although this was designed by our in-house experts, we consulted with the client to find the right colour scheme that would suit their taste. We were particularly proud of the vessel sinks that would sit on top of the vanity itself and use stainless steel taps that beautifully accented the white surface of the porcelain.

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