Whether you are just ready for a change or updating your home to put on the market, there are many styles to choose from for a bathroom renovation.

New and developing technologies have allowed for further advancements with the types of materials you can now use in the bathroom. Allowing for improvement in methods of production,styling of those materials, and installation of new functions such as heated flooring, automatic toilets, and remote capabilities – start your hot shower from a phone command in your driveway!

If your bathroom is a busy centre for the family on-the-go or a place to unwind and recharge, a bathroom renovation can transform an outdated bathroom into a bathroom that meets the needs of the modern home dweller.

bathroom renovation with glass wood industrial

Wood has become a prominent feature in many industrial style bathrooms

To update or freshen up a bathroom can be as simple as changing the wall colour with paint, paper, or tile. Another way to make a dramatic difference is by installing modern flooring materials such as geometric tiles, stone, bamboo, cork, concrete, and even upscale laminate.

Updating or installing lighting can also completely change the look of the bathroom.

Today, there is an incredible selection of bathroom lighting on the market that is not only functional but are themselves works of art. The metallic finishes of lighting fixtures as well as the metals of plumbing fixtures lend a modern look that can also dramatically transform the look of a bathroom.

Bathrooms the eco-friendly way

This is not a bathroom trend as such, but a lifestyle change as many people are choosing to implement as many “green” lifestyle choices as possible, to lessen their footprint to do their part in helping our planet.

Choosing materials for a renovation that are sustainable is one way to do this. Bamboo, hemp, cork, wool, and rubber are some examples of sustainable materials that can be used for flooring or wall covering. Toilets are being designed to use less water and showers are more efficient than ever.

Designs that allow more natural lighting are being utilised as much as possible so that there is less need for artificial lighting.

Another eco-friendly method of material use is to up-cycle or recycle materials previously used for other purposes. Reclaimed wood from other structures, carpet manufactured from recycled plastics and glass tiles created from recycled bottles can all be used to create stunning surfaces in a bathroom renovation.

What Are the Most Current Popular Bathroom Colours?

  • Grey has dominated the scene for the last several years, but black is beginning to make more of an appearance, especially matte black finishes.
  • Classic beige, taupe and blue tones continue to be popular as their neutral properties allow for the insertion of pops of colour as focal points.
  • Pale pink and coral are current trendy bathroom colours.
  • Brass, black, and even rose gold metal fixtures complement these colours and add an air of sophistication. Homeowners no longer have to choose from just chrome or nickel finishes.

What Is Your Modern Style?

Picking a new bathroom is always going to be a tricky task. For our selection of top modern bathroom trends, we have not only picked the best-looking styles around in 2019 but those that could change and enhance your lifestyle as well. A bathroom is something we use multiple times a day, it is only right that it fits in with not only your style but also your way of living.

Industrial Style

The use of stone, concrete and metals is prevalent in Industrial Style decorating. This look is achieved by decorating minimally, allowing the space to make the statement.

Clean lines and “unfinished” touches, such as exposed pipes, contribute to the look. Industrial metal installed on the walls or vanity is another touch that works for this style. Trough sinks, wood ceilings, brick walls, subway tile, open glass showers and concrete counters are also some design elements being used by decorators to build this look.

A pop of colour can be added to soften the look and add warmth. Incorporating a plant, storage baskets, or a fabric chair are great ways to achieve this.

bathroom with bath toilet and concrete floor

A slightly more subtle take on the industrial style.

Spa Style

With life running at a hectic pace, sometimes there is a need for de-stressing or unwinding at some point in our day to restore our balance.

A bathroom that beckons with a luxurious, soaking bath and ample, natural lighting can help to soothe and relax an overworked mind.

A free-standing soaking tub, display of plush, white towels, hooks to hang spa robes, calming water features, textured wall coverings, ample linen storage space, and the addition of a bench for seating and storage are some ways to create this feeling.

Minimalist Style

If you’re looking for a relaxed and calming atmosphere for your new bathroom, looking down the minimalism route could be perfect. The idea is to declutter the space, this is down by using hidden storage, muted colours and sleekly designed fixtures. Natural materials such as stone or wood are incorporated to settle in with those muted colours.

A key feature of this style is the use of a statement piece, one key element to stand out. Usually, this takes the form of a geometrically shaped tub or mirror, along with clean, simple lines helps to define this style.

Some are natural wood resembling bedroom furniture, some are metal cabinetry, and some are even whimsical, using components not normally intended for bathroom sinks, such as kitchen sideboards, dressers, or even sewing machine tables!

Floating vanities are another trend that allows for a more open feel and offers ease of cleaning.

bathroom and laundry room

An example of the type of minimalist bathroom Perth Renovations Co can offer

Tiny House Style

This style of not only a bathroom trend, but lifestyle one. It has increased in popularity as some people are finding that traditional homeownership has begun to be out of reach for many of their generations, yet they want to break free of paying rent for an apartment.

Hand-in-hand with those who are embracing the Minimalist Style, the Tiny House trend also rejects the ownership of so much “stuff”. When space is at a premium, anything deemed unnecessary will be foregone, encouraging people to spend their time outdoors rather than being so tied to their houses.

This has created the need for designs of smaller fixtures with multiple functions to accommodate smaller bathroom spaces. Narrow sinks with side set faucets provide a solution when there are space constraints. Tubs and vanities designed to fit into corners are being manufactured. “Wet bathrooms” are another answer to this.

Rather than installing a fixture, the tiled shower walls are left open. The vanity and toilet are also designed to withstand moisture. This allows for closer spacing. In fact, in some tiny spaces, toilets are installed inside the shower, using the same space. Every inch is utilised for this type of bathroom space!

Choose a Bathroom Trend for You

Whatever your style, there is so much to choose from. No longer are toilets all shaped with cookie-cutter designs, and they may not necessarily have to be installed on the floor as toilets have been in the past. Now, they can be installed in the wall and even be tankless.

Vanities can be as ornate or as minimalistic as you choose. Showers can be small or large, open or private. There is an incredible array of tile styles and materials to select for walls and floors.

Whatever you can imagine, make your bathroom your own! If you need any help with your next bathroom renovation, contact Perth Renovations Co, we can get help you make the bathroom of your dreams.