If you’re looking to update your kitchen, it’s important to know what kitchen trends are in style. Whether it’s about cabinets, appliances or lighting, we’re going to take you through what trends are going to make your new kitchen renovation stand out.

Once, the kitchen was just aroom at the back of the house, only visited by the cooks in the family. Jump forward to the present, and even more than the living room, the kitchen serves as a crucial part of family life.

A drawing and picture of how a new renovation might look

Planning is crucial to a successful kitchen renovation.

More often than not, the only room the entire family spends time together at once is the kitchen. Which is why a kitchen update could be the smartest investment you can make. Not only adding value to your home but your family life too.

A kitchen renovation can have a great return on investment. However, It’s crucial not to just renovate your kitchen just to sell it. If you do, you’ll only get about 59% of your investment. Sure, you’ll attract buyers with your kitchen renovation, but overall, you’ll lose money.

If you don’t plan on moving, renovating can breath fresh life into a house. It will make your home eminently more enjoyable for years to come, and it could be the most logical move a homeowner can make.

Top Kitchen Style Trends

That said, here are some of the top trends in kitchen design:

Built-in wall ovens

Once, the oven was always part of the cooker and hob. Forever intertwined, but modern kitchens have separated these two appliances, freeing up space and allowing for great versatility in the kitchen.

Built-in ovens not only for the room well, but their great height and usability make them much more user-friendly. With a variety of ovens available, whether you’re looking for a single or double unit, or perhaps even with a separate grill.

Now more than ever, you can choose between a multitude of styles to suit your kitchen set up. As well as the current wave of smart ovens, but more on that technology later.

kitchen with built in oven

Free up space and change the look of your kitchen.

Hidden Refrigerators

Whether you’re a fan of a big double door behemoth or a simpler smaller refrigerator, incorporating them into the kitchen can make all the difference to the overall look.

One issue has always been, it’s hard to make a fridge look good. For years the choice has been, white, black or stainless steel. There are a few more colours on the market, but a great solution is to hide it. A built-in fridge can transform a room and open up space.

It can be a little tricky to find the perfect fridge for the job and space, but the right team of experts can completely hide the refrigerator, so that it resembles a fine wooden wardrobe, with only the handles being barely noticeable.

Such built-ins, combined with the wall-mounted ovens, allow a designer to completely alter the landscape of your kitchen, opening up valuable space.

Sleek Kitchen Cabinetry

If there was ever a testament to wasted space, traditional kitchen cabinetry is it.

Picture a traditional kitchen storage area for pots and pans, one pan stacked upon another. Now envision a pull-out drawer, with a flick of the wrist you can pull out eight pans at once, and instantly pick out the one you want.

Want a place to store your salt, pepper and other spices?

Instead of a traditional kitchen cabinet where if you are short, you need to hop on your tippy-toes to reach the sage or pepper. New designs allow multiple pull out shelves to be built, that when closed, blend sleekly into the walls, and when opened, make finding exactly what you want, instantly accessible.

Darker Kitchen Cabinetry

And while we’re on the subject of kitchen cabinetry, in case you’ve been stuck in the past, the days of white cabinets are a thing of the past. Your kitchen needn’t look plain and sterile.

Darker colours for cabinetry are the style now, although you have to temper things somewhat. Otherwise, your kitchen will be transformed from looking like a hospital to that of a dark dungeon. Neither is a good look.

How Do You Accomplish an Effective Transformation?

Speak with your chosen renovator about the best approach. Installing darker kitchen cabinetry, and then surround the areas with cream veined quartz titles, or colourful tiles to match the floor. Combine this with a bright or lighter worktop, and you’ve got a trendsetting kitchen on your hands.

Combinations such as this provide the perfect balance between dark and light, giving your kitchen that much wanted pop.

dark kitchen cupboards with wood worktop

Dark cabinets and lovely wood, it’s a good look.

Updated Lighting and Ceilings

It’s perhaps a forgotten feature of the kitchen and indeed the whole house. While you’re concerned about the cabinets, the worktop and flooring. You can forget that lighting can change the entire atmosphere of your kitchen.

Recessed spotlights can help your kitchen feel spacious and strikes a fine balance between darker kitchen cabinets and the spotlighting.

There is a huge range of contemporary ceiling lamps available, giving your kitchen the cosy feel of your favourite trendy cafe.

A great tip is to avoid installing kitchen cabinetry to the ceiling. Leaving this gap can the entire room open up and change the overall dynamic.

Bright, Ceramic Tiling

While many traditionalists still favour hardwood flooring, ceramic tiling is increasingly popular. Especially for those looking to add a splash of colour to a room and add a bit of character to their kitchen.

Hardwood flooring can be beautiful, but it makes your room seem darker, ceramic tiles with pops of vibrancy will breath new life into your kitchen, making it much more inviting.

Ceramic tiles come in such varieties that they are a home designers delight. Not only are they extremely easy to keep clean and allergen-friendly. They are also pet-friendly, as they resist scratches from much better than hardwood, but they are considerably cheaper.

Quartz Kitchen Islands

It may not be a private island, but a kitchen island can offer the same escape to your food preparation. It’s a great way to expand a kitchen while adding value not only to your home but your cooking experience.

Your island could even become the new breakfast bar for the family, add some stylish stools and you can serve from pan to plate with ease.

Quartz is still the king of materials for kitchen islands, with softer coloured quartz with small veins being in vogue.

Just be sure to have the tile panel surrounding your cabinetry either match or complement your kitchen island for the best design balance.

kitchen with breakfast bar island

Now the whole family can be together for the most important meal of the day.

The Terrarium Look, Integrating Your Kitchen and Garden

A new trend popping up is integrating the kitchen with the back yard via a wall of glass panes to create a terrarium look. This is ideal if you have an inviting back yard with lots of trees, bushes, flowers and visiting birds

Having this much glass and light in the room can transform your kitchen, making it feel much more spacious. If your room too narrow to install a quartz kitchen island, or you simply love the feel of dining within nature, this is a fantastic renovation option.

When it comes to reselling a home, an integrated kitchen and back yard could be a real selling point to families.

Smart Kitchens

If you’re getting a new kitchen and appliances, why not get the best technology you can buy?

Modern smart refrigerators, for example, can scan your grocery bill, and then warn you of when you are running low on an item, or something is about to expire.

Smart ovens, connected via smartphone, can instantly heat your oven to a pre-selected temperature. Smart dishwashers can dispense dishwashing soap, be turned on and off via your WiFi, and even lock the dishwasher for child safety.

Other tools you can opt for include, automatic lights that dim and kitchen faucets that turn on and off via remote sensor. Some appliances will sync to a smart device such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, so you can use voice commands to control your kitchen.

smart kitchen trends

Control your kitchen via your smartphone, it’s the future.

Clean, Sleek, and Functional

We believe there is something for everyone in these trends. From the traditionalist kitchen user to the technology savant. A kitchen renovation is no small task both in terms of work and finances, it’s important to plan and get the right advice.

While some of these trends may not be to your liking, we hope you take away these points:

  • Technology is vital to a modern kitchen renovation
  • Maximise space with functional cabinetry
  • Clean & Sleek style is the modern trend
  • Speak to an expert team about your next renovation.

It’s vital you get a trusted team to plan, design and build your new kitchen. At Perth Renovations Co we have a wealth of stunning kitchen renovations under their belt. If you’re looking to get your new kitchen renovation underway, get in contact, we’d love to help you build your new dream kitchen.