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Part of our company’s success is due to the efforts of its director and one of the owners, Stewart Rawson.

Stewart has always been a motivated person, coming from a hardworking family. His Mother migrating from Finland and is Father from country NSW.
Both have become his biggest inspirations, driving him to give his best to reach his ambitions.

His family has bricklaying and carpentry roots that stem back to the early 1800s. He was destined to lead a path that entailed something to do with the construction industry. As he grew, he found his way to plumbing. In 2004, he started his plumbing apprenticeship with A.Murray & Sons in Canberra, ACT.

Stewart qualified as a licensed plumber in 2009 and went straight into Sub-contracting and running his own business. He travelled to Darwin to work on the ‘Tiwi Islands’ for 8 months in 2010 before making his way to Perth, Western Australia.


Stewart moved to Perth and fell into the bathroom renovations game. This was not so unfamiliar territory for him as his Uncle ran a renovation company in Canberra where Stewart spent a lot of his time.

Stewart was always curious and ambitious to learn more about not only his own trade but others as well.

“If you have ever had the assumption that you have learned everything, then you will never move forward or succeed at the highest level. Always have the understanding that you will continue learning. Otherwise, you need to re-evaluate which way you’re going.”

– Stewart Rawson

Stewart Rawson became the founder of CPMS Plumbing and Renovations. Initially, it was just a plumbing and maintenance company. However, it did not take long for it to grow and expand into a renovation company.

It is humbling to look back and think about how far they have come to be a part of CPMS. He used all that he has learned and discovered to establish yet another company, Perth Renovations Co.


Stew has many admirable qualities, including:

  • A family-oriented man – Family is everything for Stew. He grew up with a good upbringing. He has two sisters, along with his mother and father. On his mother’s side, he has a big family that he can describe as loving and caring. His family has always been humble and protective. He was brought up to interact with people they meet along the sidelines. Now, he is married with a young family.
  • Experience-driven – “Experience removes the unhealthy ego and replaces it with good ego.” – Stewart Rawson. Just like other businesses: experience matters. For Stew, it is not possible to walk into a business and expect it to have a good outcome. There are no shortcuts to success. It takes lessons that are often learned the hard way.
  • Great listener – He understands that people want to be listened to. It is essential that clients can state their opinion. If he does not agree with something, he provides scenarios and proof. It is a conversation and an exchange of ideas, allowing the clients to talk. He communicates very well, reading mannerisms and understanding where they are coming from before moving forward.
  • Problem-solver – Problems arise in any job in any industry. He takes the time to communicate with the clients and let them understand the real world of renovating, not the ones they see on TV. He is transparent and upfront, which helps identify and face the issue. Solving bumps on the road is a strategic opportunity to display expertise. It is rewarding not just for him but the customers as well. With his analytical thinking, he evaluates the situation first. He will then be able to come up with a solution quickly, which is possible with his experience in the industry.
  • Customer-centric – Stewart invests in clients in his efforts to build the relationship. This way, they will invest and trust the company. It will then be easy to make referrals, which help the business grow.
  • Team player – He values his staff and makes sure to have some time to spend with them. Usually, he would invite his team to go to coffee at least twice a week. He would usually invite them on Mondays to talk about their weekends before going to work.
  • Health Advocate – A healthy lifestyle is essential in the renovation business, mainly because projects require long hours on site. He believes that a healthy mindset allows him to be fit to run a business.


  • Being a calm gentleman professional in his approach
  • Cares about attention to detail
  • Very interpersonal
  • Always happy to have a chat
  • Serious about businesss
  • He is honest, transparent, and with integrity.
  • He takes the time to choose the right person for the right job, ensuring quality and craftsmanship.
  • Stewart is also viewed as an ambitious individual but for the right reasons.
  • He has goals that drive him to become better and further improve in his craft. Through hard work, perseverance, and commitment, he has pushed himself forward to achieve success.


It’s not about winning the job; it’s about building a relationship with the customer. Once the connection is established, he wants to keep it and strengthen it. The goal is to leave an impression on them of trust, loyalty and friendship. Stewart feels grateful that the clients trust him and the company.

Watching your company grow will always be exciting for any business owner. However, Stew understands that it comes with a huge responsibility to ensure that the quality still shines through. It involves commitment, dedication, ups, downs and everything in between.

“When they walk into the house and see the result, they immediately compare what they used to have to what they have now. When they feel ecstatic about the renovation, I can hold my head up high, knowing I did an excellent job.”

A perfect metric involves having repeat customers and referrals. Stew is in the renovation and building industry for the right reasons. It is not to make money or because there is no other opportunity out there. It is about achieving fulfilment and serving the clients to the best of his abilities.

What Our Customers Say

  • As an industry partner to Stew and the team; they are always such a pleasure to deal with. When dropping off onsite storage we certainly enjoy popping out heads in... read more

    Space Box Avatar Space Box
    April 18, 2022
  • As an industry partner to Stew and the team; they are always such a pleasure to deal with. When dropping off onsite storage we certainly enjoy popping out heads in... read more

    Spacebox Storage Avatar Spacebox Storage
    April 18, 2022
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