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Interior Design Perfection - Sally Brothers

Sally Brothers is a master interior designer who can transform any dull space into something stunning that will surely dazzle the clients. Whether it is a private home or a commercial building, Sally is the expert with the experience.

Background on Sally’s Passion for Design

Sally has always been a lover for anything related to design for as long as she can remember. Her mother inspired her to hone her talents and skills. During her younger years, Sally would often see her mother renovating their home, showcasing her creativity.

As years passed, it has become ingrained in Sally’s soul to design, plan, arrange, and beautify any space. Right from the start, she has always wanted to be a part of the world of design.

She lived in Melbourne for a while. The city is saturated with art, culture, and style. It was where she immersed herself in various aspects of design, whether through architecture, audiovisuals, or any innovation.

Because of her love for design, she then took up furniture design, specifically a woodworking course at the Melbourne School of Woodcraft. She learned numerous discoveries, which she would later use in her career. It helped her become proficient in recognising furnishings and even creating them. Her creativity sparked several ideas, allowing her to come up with unique styles of furniture pieces.

However, just like many people out there, her first choice was not the ultimate one. She thought that she wanted to be a furniture designer at first, yet it turned out to be just a stepping stone for her. She wanted more, perhaps something that would truly challenge her creativity.

She studied interior design in Melbourne, particularly at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University for 3 years. She gained an accredited degree, which is essential when working in the professional interior design field.

During that time, she was able to explore the much more complicated world of design. It broadened her horizon when it comes to:

  • Developing functional spaces that are appealing at the same time
  • Decorating both residential and commercial spaces
  • Creating plans
  • Coming up with unique design ideas
  • Working with clients and giving them useful advice
A living area at Catalina Estate completely trensformed with the design by Sally.

She expanded her knowledge even more as she took up restoration for one more year when she studied Victorian and Federation Restoration. Decorative elements are the essentials in Victorian and Federation properties. With many Victorian and Federation homes in Australia, acquiring this particular education has made a huge impact on Sally’s career.

Because of her skills, eagerness, and natural talents, Sally Brothers gained many awards that gave her a few exemptions as a learner. She was awarded:

  • Student of the Year during her college years
  • Winner for best design in a prestigious school competition
  • Granted with the opportunity to create a design for a community school in Melbourne

As soon as she graduated from college, Sally had quite a few jobs already waiting for her.

When she transferred to Perth, she was offered an interior design job. It was for an apartment, specifically a penthouse in Kings Park. The location was superb, the scenery was inspiring, and the experience was something that she would always remember. It was the beginning of her career in interior design, and she has not looked back since then.

Highlights of Sally’s Career

Everything about interior design excites Sally. All the jobs that she has done are not mere experiences for her; she treats them as accomplishments and a way for her to grow as an interior designer.

Sally has a huge task. Contrary to what most people think, being a designer is more than just decorating. She does pick fabrics, textiles, colours, and other interior components of a house, but her job entails more.

She has always had a knack for design with an innate flair for arranging space, selecting hues and what goes well together, and even architecture. However, it is also her job to transform a home into something that the owners will be satisfied with.

Sally’s joy lies in how people feel upon seeing their once simple home converted into an unexpectedly brilliant space. She often works on an existing building, as well as with home restorations and renovations.

She is enthusiastic about anything relating to design and learning more about it. Having more experience along the road is a huge bonus. For Sally, commercial jobs are always interesting and challenging.

However, residential projects have a unique appeal for her. She has finished different residential jobs, including one that is quite memorable for her. She had a great working relationship with the client that she was the primary interior designer for a couple of years.

The homeowner was extremely happy with her services and skills. She transformed a new construction into something lively that the customer was satisfied with. Her job involved designing the home interiors of course, which include flooring, furniture selection and design, tiling, and more.

An outside view of a project Sally worked on showing the kitchen and living areas with the pool in the forefront.

Experience Where It Counts

You cannot buy experience, which is an invaluable asset. Sally has worked hard to acquire the knowledge she has now. It is a long and never-ending journey but pays off in the long run.

What Customers Say about Sally

Sally is a people person. She is approachable, hardworking, professional, and results-driven. She is a jolly person whom people find a joy to work with for a long time.

She has always loved decorating and has that winning attitude that inspires her clients as well. When she is around them, they know they can conquer designing challenges. She has great listening skills, which is why it is not hard for her to understand what clients want. She is creative, detail-orientated, and knowledgeable in various designs.

Sally has proven time and again that she is a reliable interior design expert, whether she is working on homes or commercial properties.

Working for Perth Renovations Co

An elegant bathroom spa with a fancy tap and bush view in the background.Sally ensures that she is at ease with everyone she works with. She takes pride in being a part of Perth Renovations Co. Stewart Rawson, the owner of the company, has a good demeanour. It is always a pleasure to work with him. Stew is also smart when it comes to choosing the right people to represent Perth Renovations Co.

The welcoming atmosphere of the workplace helps increase the team’s productivity while optimising everyone’s efficiency. These qualities are exactly what Sally loves about the company.

Life Outside of Work

When Sally is not designing, she enjoys cooking during her free time. She also likes walking regularly to stay fit. She often spends time every other weekend with her granddaughter, whom she loves dearly.

Even during her spare time, Sally practices interior design. It is not just a job for her but a passion and a hobby. Almost every week, she would plan to modify some small element.

Aside from tweaking her home, she would also read about interior design and the latest styles. She would also research about furnishings and other related designing techniques such as wood-carving and glass-making.

If you are interested in learning more about Sally, you can go to her website at sallybrothersinteriordesign.com.au.

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