Kristyn Rawson

She has always been passionate about running a project and coordinating with other people. As a project manager, she knew the success (or failure) of a project rested on her shoulders. It was a chance for her to prove her accountability, particularly in planning, executing, and completing the firm’s projects.

One of her first jobs as a project manager involved refurbishing a three-story facility in Canberra. It helped shape her knowledge in running a group of professionals while making sure to work with them in harmony. The project management team was made up of four people, including two directors.

During the project, the team would usually convene every week to check on the progress of the project. They had many responsibilities, including:

  • Ensuring the supplies were delivered on time
  • Complying with all the project protocols
  • Managing the project contractors and builders


Krystyn acquired Certificate III in financial services while working as a mortgage loan consultant. The course helped in developing her knowledge in the finance industry. At the same time, it built the essential skills she needed in serving customers.

Kristyn then found her way to the world of project management in construction. While finance and project management may be two unrelated fields, the transition was quite smooth. As with everyone, the promotion was a great opportunity for her.

She has always been passionate about running a project and coordinating with other people. As a project manager, she knew the success (or failure) of a project rested on her shoulders. It was a chance for her to prove her accountability, particularly in planning, executing, and completing the firm’s projects.

With experience cam opportunity and she was able to move on to becoming a part of a construction and work team project management at the Australian National University. She also worked on different projects for the Australian government, specifically the healthcare sector. She took on various tasks, including being a part of the health initiatives of the government.

Later on, Kristyn worked for a project management consulting company in the information technology and communications (ITC) sector. This branch of IT moulded her proficiency in unified communications, as well as telecommunications and its integration in business transactions.

Combining her experiences, she started getting into the project management side of ITC. Not long after, she moved to Perth and worked for Iron Ore as a project management specialist consultant. She was able to practice and hone a variety of skills, which would benefit Perth Renovations Co in the future.

Throughout her years as a project management consultant, her experience allowed her to understand how it is like to handle projects with or even without a team. From proposing the project to planning the procedures to abiding by the rules and executing the blueprint, these tasks paved the way for strategic growth, continuous improvement, and the skill needed for business analyses.


Kristyn has a wealth of work and training experiences throughout her career, including:

  • White Card, which is a requirement for anyone to work in construction.
  • Kristyn is an OH&S representative under the health and safety division.
  • She also served as a fire warden.
  • She was awarded a Certificate III in Financial Services at the Riverina Community College.
  • She also gained a Certificate IV in Business at the same educational institution.
  • In 2013, she received Certificate IV in Project Management Services.
  • She is a Projects in Controlled Environments or PRINCE2 practitioner in which the certification programme emphasises project management in different stages.
  • Kristyn also has an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine.
  • She also underwent and completed training in MS Project-Advanced, and MS Office-Advanced for MS Applications, such as Excel.


If there is one thing that people know about Kristyn Rawson, it is her eye for detail. It is a key quality in managing projects and running a firm like Perth Renovations Co. She is attentive while trying not to miss any information as possible. This trait helps her prevent mistakes and achieve success in the workplace.

She is a well-organised person, which is paramount in the way she conducts herself with all the logistics of the business. While she focuses on supplies, equipment, and other tangibles, she never forgets about the importance of her clients. Her goal is to make everyone happy, whether it is the customer or a business partner.

She drives business performance while adding value to sales and customer growth. She helps identify where the company can improve and grow, usually by observing how things go daily.

Kristyn is a people person. Her emotional intelligence allows her to relate to people incredibly well. She recognises the fact that achieving client satisfaction requires grasping constructive feedback.


Kristyn worked in the safety industry and therefore know’s that safety should be a priority. Safety is not just achieved by complying with the rules but also knowing the right things to do. Safety programmes are in place to ensure safety in the workplace, the surroundings, and the clients’ homes as well.

Perth Renovations Co is a company that highly respects people’s values. The hiring process takes into account how the candidates align the values of the company with their own.

When hiring people, Kristyn looks for the following traits:

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Transparency
  • Vigilance
  • Time management skills
  • Reliability
  • Communication skills
  • Trustworthiness
  • Respectfulness

Kristyn is always particular and thorough when employing people. It is not just about skills but also about the candidates’ personalities. Their morals and values should align with the company. She is all about creating the right team and environment, with a balanced team that will help in growing the business.


Just like how she puts her family first, she puts it in a business perspective where she places the customers in front of everyone else. Therefore, the company works at the best schedules for the clients to produce the most excellent outcomes.

She is aware of the demands of the clients and makes sure to get their feedback. Then, she incorporates their opinions and criticism of the project.

For Kristyn, it is not about the company and what suits the owners or the employees. It is about prioritising the wishes of the customers while being considerate of the community as well. For instance, the staff will not work during late hours on residential projects to avoid disturbing other families in the area.


  • People agree that Kristyn has an excellent eye for detail.
  • She may be firm but is fair–a great balance needed in running a business.
  • She gives an opinion but respects what others have to say.
  • She is compassionate, listens before giving advice, and understanding.
  • She has a good business mind, maintaining a pleasant working environment for the staff.
  • She is approachable, which is a quality that helps put people at ease.
  • It is a skill needed in her line of work as it gives her the ability to understand and assess clients. For her, it is easy to know if they are happy.
  • Kristyn is a doer. She does not cut corners in all aspects of the business. Deadlines are prioritised, but she ensures that all projects are properly executed.


Perth Renovations Co aims to be in continuous improvement in quality assurance. With the help of responsible employees, it will become much easier to monitor business processes and maximise project delivery.

Other objectives include enhancing client engagement and consistently ensuring projects run smoothly. The company also includes upskilling staff, so the employees gain values, traits, and knowledge that go beyond their existing skills.

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