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Plastering Perth

There is a real art to completing any plastering project with a seamless, flawless, finish. This is true whether you are looking for a smooth or sculpted appearance in your newly renovated kitchen, bath, or laundry rooms. Our skilled technicians ensure that any existing holes or cracks have been filled in and sanded down prior to applying the top layer of tiles, wallpaper, or waterproof paint, and before installing any cabinets, hooks, lighting fixtures, shelves, or mirrors. Perth Renovations Co works diligently to maintain our high standards for top quality workmanship and client satisfaction. Call (08) 6245 1289 to discuss your remodeling plans with a member of our plastering experts.

Bathroom Renovation Perth

Excellent plaster work can make or break any project. This is why we employ the most skilled and experienced team of plasterers in the Perth area. Our experts in plaster work not only give your walls a flawless finish, but they also can create ornamental touches to the inside and outside of your structure. Textured ceilings can add an element of interest to your home; our plasterers can create unique crown molding or decorative baseboards. While we do not recommend using plaster in unprotected outdoor areas, our plasterers can create one of a kind focal points for covered alfresco areas.

In addition to renovation work, our skilled plaster experts are available to you for your plaster repair needs. We will diagnose the problem with your plaster and work until it is better than new.

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