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Our Collaborators

At Perth Renovations we believe that the journey to greatness starts when you build strong collaborative bonds with contractors around the area. With that in mind, we have a very close relationship with our suppliers and regularly use their products, services and tools to ensure that our customers’ projects are done in a timely manner.

One of our plumbing suppliers, Reese Plumbing, has brilliant customer service, a technical staff that gives insight to all queries and the ability to deliver exceeding expectations.

All of their parts come with a 12-month part and labour warranty that will leave you feeling assured should a moment of error arise in the future. Our belief, along with Reese’s, is that each renovation is a reflection of the company itself and is never rushed, hurried or performed with sloppiness to save time.

We also consult with a world-class manufacturer for all of the drawer hardware that we use in our renovations. If you’re anything like us, nothing quite takes your breath away like walking into a space with beautifully designed cabinetry that is elegant and durable. It’s for that reason that we would never consult with another manufacturer!

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