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Laundry Renovation Style The majority of laundries are small areas without a lot of maneuvering space. But, with some excellent design work, you can renovate this space into a comfortable, workable, user friendly area that optimises all available space. Whether you want a complete overhaul of this all-important room, or a custom design that brings it up to the design standards with the rest of your house, Perth Renovations Co can help.

The laundry room of today has come a long way and is no longer a forgotten corner of the home. A multiple purpose laundry area is what many of our clients want, and regardless of the size of the space, a well-crafted laundry room can be a space in your home that’s no longer an afterthought.

At Perth Renovations Co, we’ve renovated 100s of laundries for our clients, and our design team is one of the best and most creative in the business. They are on the cutting edge of trends, and they also provide traditional design ideas that are both beautiful and functional.

Custom Solutions, Specifically for Your Home

The Perfect LaundrySome of the more popular laundry room ideas that we are presently creating include laundry rooms that incorporate space to enjoying other activities. Reading space and mini workshops are just a few of the ways we have enhanced the usability of our customer’s laundry areas. Adding space for family pets is another idea that many of our clients like. Cozy spaces for beds, toys, and litter boxes are built right into the design of your laundry room; some customers request an out of the way area to wash and groom the dog.

During your personalised, in-home design consultation, one of our designers will work with you to determine the areas where you feel your current laundry falls short of meeting your needs. After discovering your likes and dislikes, our designer will create a custom design using top of the line designing programs. From there, you will be able to revise details to your liking.

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Whatever your laundry renovation plans are, Perth Renovations Co has a solution that will achieve your goals and delight you with a fully functional, eye pleasing working area.

For example, if your laundry does not have a window, we can enhance the lighting for a brighter working experience. Or, with some novel innovation, you can have a new laundry room with storage space for detergents and other cleaning products, a space for folding the laundry, and an area for hanging clothes after they are dried. Having a serviceable laundry is more economical than having your laundry serviced by a cleaning firm that will not always treat you delicate pieces with the care that they deserve.

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