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Electrical WorksOur use of new-age technology and our reliance on electricity has greatly increased during the past couple of decades. Homes built before the turn of the century generally have old wiring that cannot meet our current demands. We often want more outlets and improved electrical reception to support upgraded fixtures such as larger air conditioners and heaters, recessed and other stylish lighting structures, state-of-the-art laundry appliances, wireless and cable appliances, and more. Think bright and beautiful because Perth Renovations Co has a team of certified, and highly skilled electricians that can make your wish list become a reality while staying within your budget. Whether your electrical needs are small or large, our electricians will give you top quality work, on time, every time.

Because we believe our reputation matters, we adhere to the Australian Standards that say a licensed electrician who is also a registered electrical contractor must do any electrical installation and any type of work on fixed wiring. By employing the very best electrical specialists, we are confident that all jobs will be completed safely and to exacting standards.

Qualified ElectricianMore Than Just Wiring

We will work with the designer to make sure all of your lighting enhances your home or office to the fullest. We are happy to measure distances of outlets from tables and such to be certain that you will not need any sort of extension cords to use your lights or appliances.

Our electrical work consists of more than wiring for your home renovation. Our team of electrical specialists includes service electricians as well as construction electricians so that we can meet all of your electrical needs. We can check the safety of your electrical system, make repairs, install new breakers and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home’s electrical work is safe.

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